• WindEnergy Hamburg 2018

    25-28 September 2018 / Visit our booth in hall B7 / Visit the 2nd AWE Forum at Hamburg Wind Wednesday, 26 September 2018

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  • About Airborne Wind Energy

    AWES: electricity generation in the air (first picture) and on the ground (pumping mode, second and third picture) Airborne Wind Energy is a wind energy technology that is based on […]

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  • About AWEurope

    Members Our members are the leading European Airborne Wind Energy companies. Team The executive team members of Airborne Wind Europe work together with out members to achieve the goals of […]

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Recent Posts

  • High-Altitude Wind Energy Map Published

    Airborne wind energy has the potential to harvest wind energy at high altitudes. For the first commercial applications, it is foreseen that the airborne wind energy system can harvest anywhere […]

  • Makani builds test site in Hawaii

    Airborne Wind Energy becoming reality. World’s first large scale permanent #AWE test site built by @makanipower of @Google in Hawaii to fly their 600 kW energy kite later this year. […]