About AWEurope


Airborne Wind Europe is the association of the European airborne wind energy industry.

Airborne Wind Europe promotes the generation of energy from high altitude winds by means of airborne wind energy systems. It represents the interests of the airborne wind energy industry as well as academia to decision makers in politics and business, provides reliable and high-quality information and data on airborne wind energy and is coordinating the industry at all levels. Airborne Wind Europe encourages high-level discussions on generation of energy from high-altitude winds by means of kite energy systems, wind drones and other airborne wind energy systems and encourages research, innovation and exchange of technical information among entrepreneurs, suppliers, utilities, developers,  energy consumers, equipment manufacturers, financial institutions and universities.


Our members are the leading European Airborne Wind Energy companies, universities and research centers, suppliers, customers and supporters of the Airborne Wind Energy industry.

Members are listes in alphabetical order within each category.

Airborne Wind Energy Companies

Universities and Research Centers



The executive team members of Airborne Wind Europe work together with our members to achieve the goals of Airborne Wind Europe.

Udo Zillmann

Secretary General

Kristian Petrick

Policy and Regulation

Stefanie Thoms